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EF Recovery, LLC (EFRecovery.com) and Taiga Compliance, LLC (TaigaHealth.com) have reached an agreement to bring the powerful Taiga Check™ exclusion search service to first responders nationwide. Read More »
For the past decade, voter resistance to fire department bond initiatives has increased. As populations grow and demand for resources increase, how can a fire department continue to serve the public on an ever-shrinking budget? Read More »
One of the topics many Fire Departments have avoided, is to charge the user of emergency services for certain services and recovery operations. With recent financial shortfalls, this discussion is now "on the table" for many fire and EMS organizations in Washington. Senate Bill 6078 has everything outlined for what your department can charge for Read More »
We do the work. You receive the funds. It's truly a full service program. Read More »
2020 brings new changes to Physician Certification Statements. These changes will generate new data that CMS will be requesting over the next four years. Read what you need to do to comply with these new rules. Read More »