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Welcome to EF Recovery

Municipal and volunteer fire departments across the United States have found a solution to their financial challenges through the EF Recovery Program.

EF Recovery membership provides departments with the funds to purchase equipment, upgrade technology and address health and safety issues while better serving their communities and the taxpayers who live there.

“This program is a no brainer. I applaud EF Recovery for the innovative technology that protects firefighters from exposure to toxic chemicals. And the recovery of funds from insurance companies is painless and very profitable for our fire department members.”
 -- T.J. Nedrow, President WSFFA

To see what EF Recovery can do for your department, click here.

EF Recovery is extremely pleased to announce our partnership with "My Fire Rules". My Fire Rules was developed as an add-on product for Zoll Data System’s FireRMS product by firefighters who have struggled with the problem of obtaining, validating and reporting on user-entered fire and EMS data. When you add “My Fire Rules” to your EF Recovery EMS billing program, you’ve got a powerful partnership!
Click here to learn more about My Fire Rules
Click here to see how EF Recovery and My Fire Rules effects FireRMS
Video: Custom Tabs & Claims · Video: Incident Validation Demo

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