EF Recovery Blog | Serving the public on an ever-shrinking budget


Serving the public on an ever-shrinking budget

Published Thursday, July 09, 2020

For the past decade, voter resistance to fire department bond initiatives has increased. As populations grow and demand for resources increase, how can a fire department continue to serve the public on an ever-shrinking budget?

EF Recovery pioneered the process of collecting non-tax based funds for first responders. We have developed a program that bills the liable party’s insurance company (or sometimes the individual themselves) for MVAs and other billable incidents. Since it began, EFR has collected over $1,500,000 for fire departments nationwide—with $350,000 of that for Washington State alone in 2019.

The program is called Response Recovery and it takes virtually no work on your part. It’s efficient, it’s transparent, and participation is fast and easy. For a video overview of the program, please visit www.responserecovery.com and see for yourself why the Response Recovery program is the new “hands off” way to collect the funds your department rightfully deserves.
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