How to Create an FTP Connection

The following directions are for the FileZilla FTP client. Though, any client that supports secure FTP will work.

  1. Visit the FileZilla homepage at
  2. From the homepage, click "Download FileZilla Client"


  3. Choose "Download" from the pop-up. Please note, you do not need FileZilla Pro.

  4. Finally, click "Download FileZilla Client"

  5. Please run the file after it has downloaded.
  6. Proceed through the installer


  7. Launch the FileZilla Client icon from your Start Menu or Desktop

    Enter the information, provided from when you created your FTP account

    Please note the Location during account setup, it may not be the same as the sample below.

    ... then click Quickconnect


    Use the site manager to permanently store the connection information to for quicker access later.


  8. On your first connection you may see a security pop-up. Go ahead check the checkbox, and click OK.

  9. Congratulations! You are now connected to the FTP server.
    You may now drag & drop files in/out of the server. You can either use the file browser within FileZilla (left-hand side) or you can drag files directly from another folder (or your desktop) into the FTP server folder (right-hand side).